Little Rippers Head to the Hill!

HI DEVO families!

I hope vacation week has been good to you all so far! This snow has been incredible!! Really great to see so many familiar DEVO faces up at the hill. We’re all really excited to start skiing with your kiddos this weekend! The Skiway is in great shape—Holt’s Mountain is hopefully going to open tomorrow morning.

Just a few “house keeping” details as we start our season together, lots of info here, so please be sure to read it. If you live in Lyme you know the town police are very serious about people speeding through town enroute to the mountain. We have been asked to remind families to be respectful of the posted speed limits. Thanks.

This weekend 12/30-31st is our first weekend! 8:45-12pm @ The Dartmouth Skiway.
**** MEET IN THE LODGE, upstairs, in the non-fireplace side

Training Day Routine – Please plan to arrive around 8:30-8:35am, so that you have time to pick up a ticket and get your child settled in the lodge. Arriving early allows kids to get ready in a low pressure environment, socialize with their friends, and put all their gear on at their own pace. The DEVO crew will meet inside the lodge to get into our groups around 8:50 (lift doesn’t open until 9) and we will meet back inside at 12pmish. IF YOU MEET YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE, PLEASE be sure to tell the coaches you’re taking them. Thanks! We head to the lift at 9am so if for some reason you run late please wait at the bottom of the lift until one of the groups comes around from their first run. This gets tricky when both lifts are open so best to just not be late.
***Please be sure your child knows where their snack and bag are for when we come for a break. It would be great if they had a healthy snack and drink to help fuel them through our morning. Thank you!

Attendance – Time on snow and mileage is the single most important factor in improving at this age. However, skiing is an individual sport and we encourage the kids to attend as many days as they want or don’t want, but hope they will always be excited to attend training. We meet come rain, shine, cold, or snow and we will not cancel training, unless the Skiway is closed. If there is inclement weather you can use your own judgment as to whether to attend or not. I just ask that you let me know ASAP if your child wont be with us so I can plan coaching staff, thanks.

Groups – Once the season has started our goal is to establish groups based on a combination of age, aggressiveness, speed of travel, and social dynamics. While your kids may not have the same coach everyday they will have the same group of coaches throughout the winter. We will try to keep our group size to around 8-10 kids with 2-3 coaches.

Clothing and Equipment – being warm and dry is essential if we want to have fun while skiing. Please be sure your child’s helmet fits properly and that goggles fit the helmet (no gap between the top of goggle and helmet), a warm jacket, ski pants, gloves or mittens, neck warmer, and appropriate layers for the conditions are critical. It is also important to make sure boots and socks start the day warm and dry, and it is important to dry out ski boots each night. This best way to dry a boot is to either invest in a boot dryer or remove the liner and place near a heat source for the night. Today’s boots are designed to work best with one thin pair of polypro or wool socks , and kids should have at least one pair of socks that are just for skiing (preferably two pair with one for Saturday and one for Sunday). IMPORTANT – Be sure to have your kids wait and put their ski socks on when they are putting their ski boots on for the day. Wearing ski socks to the mountain in shoes or snow boots will lead to cold feet and unhappy skiers. Skis should be tuned on a regular bases to get them reasonably sharp. More on tuning to come.

Calendar — Be sure to check the calendar on the FS website. Our schedule is posted for the season. Should anything need to change I will let you all know and will update the calendar. Our two race dates are on it—Whaleback will be January 28th and Suicide 6 will be March 4th. These are two very FUN, relaxed events. More info to come about registering


I’m really looking forward to the weekend!

Happy Skiing!

Kristin Fauci
DEVO Head Coach



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